What is an End of Life Doula?

An End of Life Doula or Transition Specialist is much like a birthing doula, we work hand in hand with clients and families to make the transition from this journey on to the next as comfortable and flawless as possible for everyone involved. Doulas use different techniques such as aroma and light therapy, visual and music therapy as well as massage and pet therapy to aid in transitioning.

Does insurance cover your services?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, there are no known insurance policies that cover an End of Life Doula service. However, there are many Doulas that are actively working on legislature to get this overturned and believe that insurance could in the future get policies to assist in covering the cost.

What services do you provide?

Evolutionary Journeys offers education and support to clients and their families regarding the process of death and dying. I work closely with each client to establish a relationship for an epic journey. I believe each client has a right to choose how to die, a right to talk openly about death, and a right to be treated with the utmost respect during the transitioning process.

Prior to transitioning I offer assistance with the Five Wishes packet, life legacy projects and letters to loved ones. Later when assisting in transition I offer a variety of different techniques and therapies including therapeutic imagery, music therapy, aroma and light therapy.

Where are your services provided?

The majority of my clients prefer to transition at home, however clients can be seen at outside facilities as well, such as Memory Care units, Group Homes, Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities. I am also currently seeking to open a group home center in the East Valley for those who do not wish to transition at home. I am centered out of Queen Creek Arizona, in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.